Exclusive Stainless Steel, Modern Men’s ID Bracelet

Exclusive Stainless Steel, Modern Men's ID Bracelet
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An amazing piece of fine jewelry that will look great on any man. This stainless steel bracelet will make you stand out anywhere that you go. This very stylish and unique bracelet is a perfect gift on any occasion for any man no matter the age, one of our best sellers, guaranteed to be a hit. It has a remarkable design, has exquisite modern, contemporary feel and look to it. Music Box Attic is proud to be the distributor of these unique quality jewelry articles for a price that any one can afford. This bracelets normally retails over $125.00, we made a remarkable bulk purchase of these beautiful jewelry items and are selling these as additions to our jewelry boxes for much less then we normally would. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed all the time, no hassle refund or exchange policy. The bracelet will last for years and years, a great value and even a better gift.Regular MSRP – $128.00Wholesale Cost – $64.00Attic’s/Your Discounted Price – $44.99.